“Sneakster patrol.”

When I was eight years old, my aunt – who was a teenager at the time – would say that I was on full-time sneakster patrol.

Back then this wasn’t exactly a compliment…even though she was specifically referring to my impeccable sleuthing skills!

Apparently, it annoyed her to catch me lurking behind her bedroom door, ear smashed up against it, eavesdropping on all of her confidential conversations and private phone calls.

I couldn’t help it! My aunt was super cool and she had juicy high-school secrets that I just had to know about.

That’s understandable, right?

Because when someone or something matters to you, it’s natural to want to know all you can…even if it does require a little detective work.

Eating well and stocking a healthy kitchen are no different.

When you’re on a mission to keep your diet real and you step into the grocery store, surrounded by a million packaged, processed products with mysterious ingredients and misleading claims, sleuthing skills are, indeed, essential.

In this episode of Nourished, I’m back on sneakster patrol – in and around the aisles – to show you…and I bet some of it’ll shock you!

Supermarket Savvy: Nourished Episode Three

Since I couldn’t squeeze all of my supermarket savvy secrets into one episode, here are a few mini-guides I created to help you discover exactly what to look for and what to look out for!

the Supermarket Savvy Mini-Guides

{Free Downloadables}
Fat Facts
Harmful Ingredients
Oh, Sugar!
Understanding Label Claims
When To Buy Organic
How To Keep It Real

And, my personal favorites…

The Supermarket Savvy Guide  

(ten pages of EVERYTHING you need to know, including some of my favorite brands!)

The Kitchen Essentials (and Extras!)

After you’ve watched the episode, I’d love to know…

Do you have any supermarket savvy tips that help you navigate the grocery store when you’re on a mission to keep it real?

What do you look for? What do you avoid? And where do you get tripped up?

Conversation always sparks inspiration…so, share, share, share! 🙂

And I’ll see ya in the comments!