Several years ago, I thought that eating healthy meant noshing on boring, bland lettuce day in and day out. I imagined a sad existence without pizza, burgers or tacos (crazy, right?!)…and as a result, I stayed stuck in my unhealthy habits much longer than I should have.

Our thoughts are super powerful. They’re literally the energy that ignites how we feel and what we do, so if we want to change anything about our bodies, our diets, our health or our lives, we have to change the way we think about those things.

Eventually, I decided to challenge the way I thought about healthy eating. I told myself it could be delicious and I would somehow try to keep all of my favorite “unhealthy” foods on heavy rotation.

That’s when these five simple – but life-changing – words popped into my head:

Swap It Don’t Drop It

Swap It Don’t Drop It means that instead of dropping or eliminating certain foods from your diet, you simply make a few “healthified” swaps instead.

I talk about this strategy A LOT (like here, here and here) because it’s an effective mind shift that prevents FOMO and makes the concept of eating better feel less uncomfortable, daunting and miserable…which then helps you take action, Jackson!

I also love using the Swap It Don’t Drop It mindset with clients who are transitioning to a more plant-based diet.

Most people are ok with reducing or eliminating meat, poultry or fish from their diet, but when it comes to dairy – watch out! – they just can’t imagine a life without it.

That’s exactly why I’m so excited for this episode of Nourished. In it, we’re back in my kitchen and I’m showing you how to keep yogurt, ice cream and cheese in your diet with a few very delicious dairy-free swaps.

We’re also whipping up a silky smooth nut milk, making one of my favorite creamy vegan condiments, and discussing the super simple plant-based egg replacement that I love to use for baking.

The Essential Plant-Based Swaps: Nourished Episode Eight 

If you’ve ever wondered how a dairy-avoiding person is supposed to survive in a dairy-filled world, then this episode is for you. We’re swappin’ (not droppin’) all of the essentials, so check be sure to check it out.

After you’ve watched, I’d love to know what you think. What are your thoughts about going dairy-free, or shifting to a more plant-based diet?

If you already follow a plant-based diet, what are some of your favorite swaps?

I can’t wait to hear from you in the comments below.

Oh and two quick last things…

1. Here’s that printable document I mentioned in the show, with the recipes and swaps we made and discussed:

Plant-Based Swaps: The Milk, Egg & Dairy-Free Essentials


2. You know how I feel about meal planningAnd I know it would make your life a whole lot easier if someone would just do your meal planning for you. So, that’s exactly what I’ve done! I’ve created a 28-day plant-based meal plan JUST FOR YOU! It’s called Nourish Yourself and it’s available now RIGHT HERE. I can’t wait for you to check it out and hear what you think.

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Thanks for watching and reading!

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