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Where super-powered adventures and veggies collide!

I created The Rootlets, LLC – my children’s entertainment brand and book series – as a way to make veggies super fun and exciting, so that kids are inspired to eat better and make healthier choices!

I don’t do preach-y. But I do combine a unique blend of storytelling, mystery, magic and good nutrition into one super-powered adventure that your kids will love and want to eat right up!

Who are The Rootlets?

The Rootlets are four adorable best friends – Brocc, Carrotina, Cornelius and Kaley – who have veggie hair, healthy habits and a huge appetite for adventure.

After having just learned that they’re real superheroes with powers (from their veggie-hair) called rootabilities, The Rootlets are now in charge of saving their magical plant-based world, Planet Planted, from an evil they never knew existed.

With guidance and help from their Yammy Grammy, their dog, Basil, and their friend, Mr. Fungo Fungi, The Rootlets must prepare for their greatest adventure yet!

Get the full scoop…

Meet The Rootlets and explore their veggie-filled world at Our website is loaded with good stuff, including FREE (downloadable and interactive) games, puzzles, coloring pages, learning activities and more!


What people are saying

The story line could not have been better written…We truly cant wait until there are more Rootlets series available! Vicki Marquez did a brilliant job in creating a children’s book that not only encouraged reading, but comes with a moral background; every parents’ dream!

Jennifer June 16, 2016



The Rootlets’ School Rocks Program & Rooting For You Initiative

in partnership with Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago.