Melissa D.
June 15, 2016

For decades now, literally decades, I’ve been giving food “power” to make a day better…or worse. I’ve jumped with both feet into fad diet after fad diet only to hate them quickly and readily weeks, or on a few occasions even months, into them. Finally I was ready to make a *lifestyle change* which is when I called Vicki. She asked the right questions. She made me look a lot deeper into my reasons for wanting to become healthy and empowered me to make the right decisions to move forward in a way that was at my pace and in my control. Before I knew it, I was sitting on an exercise bike thinking about broccoli. It’s true! I wasn’t placing unrealistic expectations on myself by making cuts, but rather, “crowding in” with better choices in food. I’m forever grateful to my health coach, Vicki, for being the angel on my shoulder every step of the way in this process. She’s unparalleled in what she does for her clients.