Years ago someone told me that: “The key to a great life is simply having a bunch of great days.”

I ran that sentiment straight to my journal and jotted a long list of things that, if they were to be a part of my every day, would make those 24-hours, well, great!

Yoga made the list. No surprise there. And so did the word EMBRACE. As in: hugs from the hubs and snuggles with the pups.

But that word lingered and swirled around in my brain until it hit me with this A-HA…

The key to a great day is simply EMBRACING it.

That’s it. That’s the secret. And it works!

Because no matter what’s on “the list”, no matter what’s going on – good, bad or otherwise – each day is (and always can be) great, if we choose to welcome it warmly!

So, in that spirit (and combined with my favorite form of movement) I made this quick (less than 10 min.) EMBRACE THE DAY yoga video. It’s a gentle way to stretch and strengthen your body – suitable for all levels – and easy to do from wherever you are right now! Just click below to get started. ⬇️

Okay, I’ll talk to you soon. Until then, enjoy the yoga, embrace the day and keep stackin’ each great one on top of the next! ✨