Know what’s great (besides you, of course)?

Doing something new, fun and interesting!

Like, say, learning some cool yoga poses (the easy, basic, foundational ones.) at a yoga workshop next month with me!

And, with a few of my friends over at PUSH INDOOR CYCLING (where I teach weekly yoga classes).

In this workshop, I’ll help you learn the basic yoga poses. You know, break em’ down Yoga 101-style.

I’ll show you the postures that appear in almost every yoga class – from beginners to advanced – and teach you the proper alignment and key techniques for each of those poses.

You’ll also have a chance to practice a little, learn a lot and get your Q’s (??) answered in a fun, relaxed, non-competitive environment.

If you’re interested in my Yoga Starts Here, 4-week foundational yoga workshop.

Here are the deets:


It’s gonna be awesome!

Wanna come?

And hang with me?

And learn something new, fun and interesting?

If you’re into it, I’d sign up fast cause:

1// Spots are limited. Not sure how quickly they’ll fill up, but the sooner you’re on board, the sooner you can start saying, “F yeah! I’m going to a kick a$$ana yoga workshop next month!”

2// You’ll no doubt want to take advantage of that early bird savings ($$$)!


If you’ve been curious about yoga, but too nervous, intimidated or freaked out to try a class.

OR if you catch yourself saying things like, “I’m just not flexible, I can barely touch my toes.”

OR if you’ve been taking yoga classes, but want to get a deeper understanding of the FUNDAMENTALS.

Then this workshop is for YOU!


If it’s not for you and you just want to click on something, that’s cool too. Click “reply” and say hi.

Or click “forward” and share this email with someone you think should or would like to come. Please and thank you.

As always, if you have any questions, write me back and LMK.

I really hope to see you there!



P.S. EARLY BIRD PRICE ENDS FEBRUARY 26TH – that’s in exactly 6 days if you’re reading this the day I posted it. So, hurry up and save your spot and some money!