This is a BIG, celebratory week and I’m so jazzed that I just had to share my excitement with YOU!

Ready for it? Here’s the scoop.

My second book of The Rootlets series, Trouble at Plantasy Land, was released today (EEK!) and is now available on Amazon and The Rootlets website. I’m literally bursting with so many happy emotions.

I’m really proud of this book and The Rootlets brand…not just because it’s a dream actualized, but because I’ve had the pleasure of watching this story and these characters change how kids think and feel about veggies!

 So why should this matter to you?

Chances are that you know someone — under age ten (niece/nephew, son/daughter, grandbaby/Godbaby, friend/neighbor…you get the idea) — who you absolutely love and adore. And, as someone who cares about eating and living better, sharing a fun, adventurous story about healthy, veggie-haired superheroes with that little someone might be something that you’re interested in.

OR maybe you want a copy for yourself…cause let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good superhero story?!

Either way, I’d love for you to check it out. Here’s a quick 1-minute trailer about the book:

If you dig it as much as I do and would like to help me inspire kids to get excited about veggies, here are a few things you can do.

1. Share about the books with your family, friends and neighbors by posting something like this on Facebook or Twitter:

Your kids are gonna love these veggie-haired storybook superheroes! Meet @TheRootlets
So excited that @TheRootlets NEW book Trouble at Plantasy Land is avail NOW!

2. Send an email like this (feel free to copy and paste verbatim) to your friends who have little kiddos.

Hi Friend!

Came across The Rootlets website – — and thought little {insert child’s name} might like it. It’s basically a storybook series about four veggie-haired best friends who learn that they have superpowers. Pretty adorable, huh?

Their new book looks super fun and exciting. Check out: The Rootlets Trailer

Enjoy…and let’s PLEASE meet up for coffee soon!

{Insert your name}

3. Buy a copy, or two, or three and get a head start on your holiday shopping!

AND take 30% off any book purchase – for a limited time, exclusively on our website – with the code ILOVETROUBLE …because I love you!

I really hope you love the book! Thanks for reading all the way till the end and for sharing in my excitement with me!

With all of my love and appreciation,