I had so much fun last week when my good friend, Sveta (and her co-host, Rita), invited me to join them on their weekly radio show, Holistic Health & Bliss for Women on Sungates Radio, to discuss raising our little ones to be healthy eaters.

Sungates Radio Show Raising Healthy Eaters

Our topic of conversation was how to creatively tackle modern-day challenges that parents face…specifically, how to get kiddos excited about eating their veggies!

We also talked about:

  • why earlier is better when it comes to getting kids on a healthy track
  • how to inspire “picky eaters” to be more adventurous at mealtime
  • what to do when your child absolutely won’t try new foods
  • and much more

If you missed it live, or if you want to relisten/rewatch, here’s the replay.

I hope you enjoy it AND I’d love to hear what you think. What challenges do you face when trying to get your little one(s) to eat healthy? You can share your questions and thoughts (or results, if you tried any of our tips!) in the comments below.

Listen & Watch

Sending Big X’s & O’s,


P.S. You can catch Sveta & Rita’s show every Monday at 12PM CST here.