One of the most valuable moments in my health-coaching career came from a client who said this:

“It kills me that I’m STILL – 38 years later – dealing with unhealthy food habits that go back to my childhood…and I just don’t want that for my kids. I NEED to get my situation under control and be a better role model for them so they don’t grow up feeling dependent on food and eating like shit.”

Her frustration and desperation sent an emotional charge straight to my core and it lit me on fire. And, immediately after she said it, I realized two very important things…

1. That all of us have a relationship with food that goes back to childhood – and that relationship is deep rooted with the power to hurt or heal us in so many ways, our entire lives.


2. That helping kids learn about (and be excited about) good nutrition was just as important as my work helping adults.

That conversation (along with a few scary statistics and this commercial) ultimately inspired me to create The Rootlets – a storybook series that follows a group of bright, bold, colorful, veggie-haired superheroes on their plant-based adventures.

The Rootlets

You may remember me talking about The Rootlets herehere and here, and how the core mission of The Rootlets brand is to help kids establish a healthy relationship with food early on…and not just by telling them to eat their veggies, but by showing them how cool, fun, and powerful veggies really are.

This project is extremely close to my heart, and helping kids all around the country become lifelong readers and healthy eaters is the most meaningful work I’ve done to date.

So, why am I telling you this?

Because maybe, just maybe, you (like my client — and so many other parents) want to inspire your little one(s) to eat better and grow up loving their veggies.

Maybe you want them to read more.

Probably both.

Either way, I know The Rootlets can help and I’d love for you to check them out.

This week also happens to be Children’s Book Week – the longest-running national literacy initiative in the nation that connects kids with books, authors and illustrators – and to celebrate the occasion, I have a very special (time-sensitive) Rootlets offer for you.

Celebrating Children’s Book Week

The Rootlets Reading

For a limited time, you can purchase BOTH of The Rootlets books – Super Rootabilities and Trouble at Plantasy Land – for 40% off the retail price, exclusively at with promo code CBW2017.

Offer is valid through May 7, 2017.

The Rootlets Books

Just as veggies nourish our bodies, books nourish our brains…and The Rootlets are an entertaining blend of both that your kiddos will want to eat right up! 

You can learn more about The Rootlets books here.

I’d also like to extend a special invitation for your child’s school to participate in The Rootlets School Rocks and Rooting For You Programs, by offering a complimentary author visit to any school that books a classroom reading with me during the month of May.

An author visit is truly a magical experience that promotes reading, writing, and in our case veggies…and it creates a special lifelong memory for students to share.

Children's Book Week

If you’re interested, you can learn more about my school visits, The Rootlets School Rocks program and our Rooting For You initiative HERE.

And feel free to share this page with your child’s school librarian, principal or teacher.

Whether it’s with The Rootlets or not, I sincerely hope that you and your little one(s) enjoy spending some time together this week, reading and eating healthy.

With all my love and appreciation,